Webinar: Learn How to Lead a Successful Real Estate Team


Wendy Forsythe, COO of HomeSmart 

Do you know what it takes to lead a successful real estate team?

Or are you thinking of starting a real estate team?

Regardless of your current position, you probably have questions on how to improve your management skills and lead a successful team. Managing a team takes a different approach, mindset, and skill set than being an individual real estate agent.

Teams are the future of real estate. View this webinar as we break down three key areas of success:

  • The right time to start a team
  • The best structure for your team
  • Attracting the right team members
Presented by Wendy Forsythe, COO of HomeSmart and 2017 Inman Influencer, for this 30-minute webinar, Teams Are the Future.”