Webinar: On-Demand Consumers & New Innovations To Meet Their Needs


How can you meet the needs of your on-demand consumers

Learn how to stay relevant in the buying and selling process in your clients' fast-paced world and how you can participate using Zillow's Instant Offers when available in your market.

Your clients expect on-demand services-- join us as we partner with Zillow to explore innovative ways to meet your clients' expectations including:

  • What on-demand consumers expect when selling their home
  • 3 ways every agent can leverage Zillow's Instant Offers
  • What Zillow's Instant Offers means for your business

Download this 30-minute live webinar, On-Demand Consumers & New Innovations to Meet Their Needs," presented by Andrew Hafzalla, director of industry outreach at Zillow and Todd Sumney, chief industry officer at HomeSmart,